The Littlest Microwave Ever

iwave cube
Have you noticed the trend in almost all of the gadgets out in the market today? All of these innovations come in small sizes, but they are equally equipped with the most admirable features that one could ever want for in a particular product.
One example is the iWave Cube, which is known as the smallest microwave to ever exist in the world. This incredibly small kitchen apparatus was first seen in the International Home and Housewares Show held in Chicago sometime in March 2008. Most of the appliances showcased in that particular event were all small and compact, but they have the most modern innovations that a product developer can think of. The iWave Cube runs on about 600 watts. The fine contraption has gotten its name from the fact that it only has a cubic square food and it can reheat only small items. The iWave Cube was made in order to cater to processing only small amounts of food. The microwave can act as a toaster if you intend to heat small slices of bread. If you plan to have a hot cup of coffee in the late afternoons, then you can pop in a small coffee cup into the iWave Cube and everything is ready.
The brainchild of the iWave Cube, Phil Davis, wants to release a compact toaster and refrigerator, perhaps with the similar size of his first creation. For sure, these small appliances would be the subject of great awe and attention again.

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