The “K-NFB Reader” – A Handheld Solution for the Blind!

The Kurzweil-National Federation of the Blind Reader (or K-NFB Reader) is a completely portable, handheld camera/cell-phone that can read any printed word it captures. It is by far the largest stride in aiding the blind to function in normal society. The technology of scanning and reading printed material is not new, but this handheld device is the first easily portable and useful device of its kind.

The amount of printed material someone with vision reads everyday is outstanding. This is sometimes taken for granted; it becomes very difficult to understand your surroundings when blind. A simple task such as grocery shopping can be quiet redundant when you can’t read the new daily ads and you stick with the products you know. Most publications sold at the stands are in standard print, as well as most restaurant menus. This new device makes it possible for the blind to purchase a magazine, go into a restaurant and order a nice meal, then sit there and read while waiting to eat. It has really opened the world up for the blind.

The K-NFB Reader combines state-of-the-art digital camera/cell-phone technology with a powerful PDA housed in a custom-designed, attractive case. In addition to being the most technological speak screen readers it has all the latest cell-phone technology too; GPS programs, access to PDF files, MP3 player, making and receiving calls.

Currently the K-NFB Reader is available for purchase from any health aid company. The standard going rate is around two thousand dollars with cell phone, without the cell phone it can be purchased for about fifteen hundred. It is definitely a small price to pay for such a helpful product.

For more information you can go directly to this technologies website at:

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