The Gold Key to privacy

Have you evwer experienced losing your laptop with very personal files? Of course, it is a personal gadget. Most of your files are there. Some of them are very sensitive, and very important to you. Now you can use the technology that NSA uses to encrypt their files and folders.


This one of a kind key is The GOLD KEY. This thumb drive look alike encrypts almost any file you have in your system, including the thumb drives you have, the optical drive and the hard disk. It has no storage space but it has the encryption program unique to its own. Just pop it on in your usb drive and all the encrypted files can be configured there. Decryption is also as easy as that. You can imagine having all they keys in one single pop. That’s a whole lot of relief in forgetting your passwords. It can work for Windows OS or MAC OS.

Now forget about losing your files. Get the Gold key and for sure you will be happy and you will feel safe and secured than ever.

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