The Fujifilm Finepix S5700

The Fujifilm Finepix S5700 is targeted at those looking for a mega zoom digital camera on a shoestring budget. Resembling an SLR camera, the Finepix S5700 offers good and sturdy grip, It needs to be loaded with four AA batteries. This entry-level mega zoom camera features a 7.1 MP image sensor and a telescope zoom lens which can zoom 10 times into distant objects.

You can further zoom five times with digital zoom activated! The camera offers sufficient features for creating photography. With ISO 64 to 1600, you can capture shots in low light without the need for flash. However, i noticed the result was a bit noisy even with ISO set to minimum. Another weak point is its macro range–while most digital cameras in the category allowed shooting extreme close ups from a distance of 1cm, this one needs to be atleast 5cm away from the object. Nevertheless, The camera is a good option for its price. $260 for a 10x mega zoom camera loaded with features, it cannot possibly be a bad buy, can it?

FOR:Good grip, large aperture at full zoom.

AGAINST: Using ISO speeds greater than 400 doesn’t make sense.

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