The BEAR – Vecna’s Lifesaving Humanoid Robot

The BEAR or Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot is a search and rescue marvel. This humanoid style robot can rescue people in dangerous situations while avoiding the possibility of losing more human life. It was initially created for battlefield extraction but has been recognized for its other possibilities. Being the same size as an average man it can travel places that are not safe for humans but with the ease of a human. It can enter unsafe buildings and structures as well as biologically or chemically contaminated areas and search for survivors. It has the capability of lifting up to 500 lbs, making it possible to remove debris and carry most any human to safety.

The BEAR is created using three elements, an extremely powerful hydraulic upper-body, high mobility tracked legs, and dynamic balancing behavior (DBB) that allow it to balance upright on its ankles, knees, or hips. The hydraulic upper-body is similar to common “earth moving” equipment only in a smaller scale. The dynamic balancing behavior makes it possible for the BEAR to maneuver over any terrain, combined with the independent tracked legs it can travel on its knees or with its legs flat on the ground across treacherous areas while carrying a human body.


  • Casualty Extraction
  • Building evacuation
  • Long-distance transport
  • Search & rescue
  • Hospital patient transfers
  • Eldercare mobility aid
  • Hazardous materials handling
  • Mine rescue
  • Logistics & heavy lifting
  • Zero-infrastructure warehouse automation

Vecna originally received funding from TATRC, the Army’s Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center. Originally the BEAR was considered to be limited to battlefield extraction. Once the BEAR prototype was tested, the possibilities for this innovation started to surface. Vecna now promotes the BEAR to be useful in healthcare as a “Transfer Bot”. They would work with patients who suffer from mobility impairment in hospitals and nursing homes, assisting in lifting and moving the patients thus providing a better standard of care. Currently the BEAR is completely controlled by a human with remote access but plans for the BEAR include creating semi-autonomous actions which would allow for the BEAR to complete a task without the need of human guidance.

You can read more about the BEAR at Vena’s website, Vecna has many great innovations and ideas that can change the world and attempt to make it a safer and better through the use of robotics.

The BEAR is shown here carrying a soldier from danger.

The BEAR is shown here carrying a soldier from danger.

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