The Amazing Climbing Robot!

c-bot climbong robot

One of the most amazing gadgets that are proliferating in the world of information technology is the robot. A lot companies, even the famous ones, has been doing a lot of research and burning myriads of cash, just to be able to create the human-robot that people have been dreaming since the emergence of the RoboCop era. To date, most of the robots available are those designed from an animal structure. Such examples are RoboPanda, DinoRobot among others. Most of these robots have their own special features and ability which makes them different from each other. One of the most unique robots to date is called C-Bot. Inspired from various superheroes ability to climb walls such as Spiderman; this robot has a cool innovative foot design that can make him climb walls without using any additional tools. Moreover, this C-bot uses a sensor technology for diagnostic tasks which can be used in buildings and other establishments. The concept is that, the C-bot sensor will emit ultra-sonic rays and will be able to get the required information regarding the building’s status through a specific ray reflection. With the use of this C-bot, you’ll be able to know if there are inner damages in buildings which can be helpful in preventing disasters. The designer of this great robot is Niklas Galler, who theorized that, human may be able to make a gigantic robot which can climb wall in years to come. But for now, this theory might need more research and experimentation before it can be realized.

c-bot climbong robot c-bot climbong robotc-bot climbong robot

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