The “Smart Gun” – A Gun that won’t Fire unless used by its intended Owner!

"Smart Gun" Technology

The “Smart Gun” is a gun actually “smart” enough to recognize its handler, and prevent it from being discharged by unauthorized users. This technology would immensely decrease the violent crimes that are committed with stolen black market guns, and accidental gun deaths of children and others would become practically obsolete. Several private gun manufactures currently have different innovations in research and development., the government has allotted special funding to help aid the development of this technology for police officers and military personal.

The basic idea behind the “Smart Gun” is integrated electronics. Different sensors located in the grip and trigger of the firearm make this technology possible. This technology includes radio frequency coding, touch memory, fingerprint ID, and other possibilities. Each idea creating the assurance that only the intended user of the firearm would be able to use it.

The radio frequency controlled sensors are activated by a transponder worn by authorized users. This technology is being researched for police units that would allow department issued firearms to be used by any officer wearing a transponder. There is a blocking pin located in the trigger mechanism that is removed when the gun receives a coded signal sent out by the transponder. One of the issues with this technology is in the amount of distance between the firearm and transponder, most firearms taken from, and used against police officers are being used at very close range which would still allow for the gun to be used by an unauthorized user.

Fingerprint recognition utilizes common fingerprint recognition technology. The trigger is embedded with sensors that are pre-set to the fingerprint of its users trigger finger and will not discharge until that fingerprint is recognized. The issue with this technology is a common problem with fingerprint recognition, it can be compromised much too easily making the gun difficult to use even for the owner.

Somewhat like fingerprint recognition, touch memory is also an idea being researched by gun manufacturers. The touch memory system utilizes sensors located in the grip of the gun that is pre-programmed with specific hand grip pressure from the hand of the intended user. This also comes with the same issues of delayed recognition which is not ideal for immediate safety needs.

Safety, security, and reliability are the most important aspects of utilizing this “smart” technology. There is a fear of reduced gun safety by civilian gun owners due to a false sense of security and immediate reliability concerns with police and military use. This technology can save millions of lives and would change the world but there are still some bugs that need to be worked out.

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