Talking Beer Mug: A mug that talks back to you

Talking of new gadgets, you never know when you realize that they can make a big change in you and your lifestyle. This next gadget will rake your mind while you are enjoying your favorite drink.

For all beer fans, GeekieGadgets proudly present a Talking Beer Mug and drinking beer was never this fun. So again, after long weekdays, you decide to have a quality time- just grab your favorite DVD and indulge your quality moments. Start pouring couple of rounds and before you even finish your first one, the mug starts to talk back to you with different phrases like: “Your beer is running dangerously low” or when you fill it up, you will hear “Cheers” and my favorite “Refill immediately – danger of sobering up” with warning siren when the mug is empty. This sounds good.

So, When you got a fine cigar in one hand and chilled beer in another, this $28 mug can be your best companion who never outspoken, but always heard.

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