Take a hint, follow that gesture

The world is constantly evolving. People wake up everyday demanding more and more from technology to make lives happen in a snap. Though keyboards and mouse are quite a help, designers are now trying so many ideas to invent innovative and interesting ways to manipulate our computers.

Sure, they have been successful especially with the invention of the eye-controlled mouse pointer to amazing machine that can be controlled with thoughts. However, they all require expensive hardware and has limited capabilities.The Wii technology showed that innovative way of controlling your console can be fun and entertaining, so this time PC users can have something similar sans the Wiimote!

This new method of working with computer is fully based on image recognition and gesture control.

Based on 3D camera and appropriate software driver, Mgestyk Technologies shows how can you control your computer using your bare hands. The concept is simple, camera captures position of your hands, so you can move cursor with fingers or program actions based on your gestures.

For instance, “thumbs up” gesture equals to pressing “Enter” button. You can scroll by waving your hand up or down, or make precise mouse movements with tip of your index finger. This idea is most helpful in games, when you control your car by both hands, which are holding imaginary steering wheel, or in shooter games, by pointing where to shoot. It also can be used in media PCs or public places, where only basic input is needed.

Cant hardly believe it?

Well, better do. The 3D camera costs only 150 dollars! Just leave the keyboard for text input – it is much more fun to control your PC by waving hands in front of it – especially if it will be interestingly used in future games.

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