Tai-robot-kun blends in with the sea

For a long time, we have explored the vast, deep blue sea and have discovered a lot of things we thought could never exist. However, it is always better to really blend in with the ocean while learning more about the creatures found in the watery world.

A brilliant engineer from the University of Kitakyushu, Japan, Professor Ikuo Yamamoto has designed a robotic fish that looks like the real thing, sans the fishy smell and the slippery scales. The Tai-robot-kun is a 15.4-pound robotic Red Snapper fish that has the ability to swim underwater for about an hour once its battery has been fully charged. It acts like a submarine as it depends on a weight system to determine its depth and resilience.

Since it looks realistic with its silicon covered body(see photo above), it was able to capture the beautiful world submerged in water without scaring the sea creatures , except for those small fish who automatically run away from fish that looks like Sea Bream.

When you get the chance to dive in the seas of Japan, make sure to look out for Tai-robot-kun and be wary of bigger fish who might try to eat him—or you.

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