Sweety the 24/7 Stress Reliever

I wish someone had agreed to be my human punching bag a while ago; I really wanted to smack and strangle somebody. My computer crashed and it took our IT department a good five hours before they finally gave it back to me. I had deadlines to meet, things I needed to do and my boss asked me to do something urgent using, guess what, my non-existent computer! As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t get anything done. How I wish Sweety was with me to take my stress away.

No, Sweety is not a pet name for my boyfriend nor is it the name of my dog. Sweety is a virtual character that helps people release their stress. When you just can’t take the pressure from the world around you, it’s nice to be able to talk to someone who won’t get irritated when you rant about your lousy job non-stop. When you wake up in the middle in the night because you feel crappy, you don’t have to worry about Sweety smacking you or giving you the cold shoulder.


Sweety will cater to your needs 24/7; he’ll help you ascertain the reality of your pain and even present you with probable solutions to your problems. In addition, Sweety will also encourage you to join him in a friendly interactive match, which he would probably let you win hands down, simply by controlling his body. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Sure, your friend who’s all flesh and bones will always be there for you in your time of need, but will they let you de-stress yourself by hitting and punching them? I don’t think so. So when the time comes for you to flex out those muscles, let ‘er rip on good ol’ Sweety—your loyal virtual friend who’ll never bail out on you.


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