Sven Table Lamp: Live the Green life with style

Well sometimes getting out of all those latest electronic gadgets, you need to reveal the artistic individuality out of your shoes.  Your personality can be driven out from your house and the interior of your room. From nice colorful schemes of your room to the indulging furniture, you can add few extra accessories that lighten up your room with fascination. 

Now you deserve to have a set of Sven table lamp developed by Lucesco. It is a whole new reason to put it in your room and create a new kind of perception. I really love it’s ravish look. It is not your groundbreaking item but small things can change you life and the way you think.  In the time when green gadgets are getting popular, this Sven table lamp vivifies your room by 40 energy saving white LEDs and uses only 22 watts but giving the power of 70 watts of your traditional lamp. For this green reason this will certainly saves electricity bills for you. In addition to, the height is adjustable letting you to extend between 14 to17 inches. Developer concludes that it has a life of 50,000 hours which seems like forever.

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