Stick to the time my dear boy

I so love the beach. I love the sun, the crystal blue waters, the cool breeze that doesn’t make me want to gag and I love to get a glorious, golden brown tan. However, I don’t like those unwanted tan lines caused by me forgetting to remove my sunglasses or my watch.

Now, I can finally get that coveted perfect tan without running late for my massage or my dinner date with my boyfriend. Introducing the Timeflex, a self-sticking, non-permanent watch specifically designed to aid people who can’t use their watches because of activities like swimming and such.

It uses touchscreen technology if you want to change the settings and it has miniscule batteries somewhere in the watch. It’s safe to bend it or roll it so you don’t have to worry about brekaing it if you’re clumsy.

Now don’t fret and think that the Timeflex is just made for those who love the beach like me, it can be used by people who work in labs who don’t like icky chemicals splashing on their semi-expensive watches, or those people who love to play sports but doesn’t want their watches to be smashed or squished.

Simply stick it on your hand or on your clothes and you’re ready to go.

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