Star Wars Lightsabers to Delight the Kid in You

At one look, we may think that this is something made entirely for kids, but actually it isn’t. The Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers are not for your little brothers to play with. These toys look like the real ones in the movie, these so-called combat weapons of the Jedis and the Siths are very admirable, as they boast of certain features that a true-blue Star Wars fan would not dare to miss.

First and foremost, the glowing blades of the Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers are very realistic. You may wish to assume the role of either Darth Vader by using the red lightsaber, Anakin Skywalker by using the blue lightsaber, and Yoda by using the green lightsaber. The toy looks like the real thing from the movie.

If this is not enough to fire up your senses, then it is very important to mention that the lightsabers do not only ignite with a full-charge glow; it also equipped with motion sensor effects to let you really feel like you are one of the Star Wars characters. To add up to the look and feel of a real Jedi warrior or a Sith lord, the handle is very sturdy and it resembles the real ones in George Lucas’ movie masterpiece.

If you are a true-blue fan of the amazing saga of the Star Wars, you should not miss buying one of these gadgets. This toy is not for your little brother. This is for a die-hard fan like you.

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