Star Gazing in your own room!

Are you dreaming of having the whole night universe inside your room? Do you like to have the constellations constantly moving up your ceiling, ready for you to se them anytime of the day inside your dark room? Yes now you can with this state of the art Laser Stars Projector. Grab this one now and you will see why we are so proud to promote this product to you.

This 10 in. tall laser diode pointer emits green and blue laser constellations that constantly moves and changes like our own universe! Wonderful isn’t it? It can cover the whole ceiling and parts of your wall in one spot. Indeed, this product is one of the best gadget gifts you can ever have or give to your loved ones. If you’ll buy it for yourself, then hurry, before your classmates do!



The Laser Stars Projector utilizes a state of the art Diode Pumped, Solid State (DPSS) green laser combined with custom developed multiphase diffractive holographic optics, super luminous diodes and precision motors to produce the laser stars effect. The coherent light produced by the DPSS laser passes through a passive diffractive holographic optical element, which in turn passes through a circular periodicity electromechanical wheel, which is driven by a precision motor to create the soothing motion of the star field.


·  Uses Green Laser and Holographic technology

·  2 built-in precision glass lenses

·  Creates thousands of stars with or without blue cloud formations

·  Ac Adapter Included (US Only – 120V)

·  Unit Dimensions: 10″ tall x 9″ wide x 7″ deep

Get it now .

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