Staple-free staplers?


Staplers and staples are really important in the office environment. Surely, the combo really helps us organize paperworks in decades already, but the metal staples are a nuisance. These shiny metal wires jams on thumbs and almost anywhere. It really can destroy your day.


Now you can now enjoy your staple free office with this new technology – introducing the staple free stapler! Yes, we aren’t crazy or dull, this thing really works! This can staple papers without staple wires. This very handy, economical and environment friendly stapler cuts a tiny flap in the corner of your paper and folds it on itself, tucking it in a tiny paper pocket.


Environment – friendly, small and sleek , you can get this staple free stapler in  different colors – black, deep blue and smokey clear. This staple free staple can staple upto 5 sheets with ease.


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