SRV-1 Robot

SRV-1 Robot

SRV-1 Robot

Make your first move on dangerous places without risking your life. Leave it to this interesting palm sized SRV-1 Robot made with 32-bit ARM processor and a mini video camera. It has a wireless transmitter interfaces via USB with any PC up to 300 feet away. Its java based host software supports Windows, Mac or Linux OS and features a built-in web server to monitor and manage the SRV-1 Robot with a web browser anyplace in the world.

You are allowed to drive the robot manually through web browser with live video feed. It is made with built in proximity sensors that can toggle on or off to assist when driving the robot manually.

You may archive videos on demand or schedule it. Added is, your peers and colleagues may control access to robot and video feeds through multiple user accounts.

This robot has a roving mode that allows independent searching with basic vision detection. And it is fully open source programmable.

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