Spykee – your surveilance robot

spykee surveilance robot

Spykee, a remote controlled robot perfect for your visual and audio surveilance needs. With its built-in camera and microphone, it is capable of taking realtime pictures and sounds. Utilizing a Wifi card, you can control Spykee virtually anywhere in the world.

Spykee, is part of the Erektor series from Nikko America. It is not just another toy robot. It can perform as a spy or surveilance robot on remote locations with wifi access. After uploading your favorite digital tunes, you could use Spykee to play them thru its loudspeakers. You could also construct three robot models from the same set.

There is no need to worry about battery running low, with Spykee’s auto-parking recharging system, it will automatically return to its power station to replenish its charge.

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