Spy Video Car

Thinking about buying a perfect gift for your kids? The Spy video car is the best choice if your kid loves to be like James Bond or simply likes to meddle on people’s privacy.

The spy video car is a great spy gadget for kids and for kids at heart. You get two items in one; A remote controlled car and a spy gadget. Don’t you just wish of having one when you were younger? Do you still remember the movie “Home Alone 3”? That boy had made his own hand made Spy car and he was able to capture the villains! Now, you can feel it for yourself with your very own Spy Video Car.

[amtap amazon:asin=B000WYCF5C]As if that isn’t enough! This spy video car also has an added feature; the night vision. Yes, you could see the car’s surroundings at night. Surely your kid would love this extra feature!

Imagine all the possibilities. You could see the images through a headset as if you’re actually riding the remote controlled car! Surely this toy is not just for kids. You could buy it for yourself too!

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