Spy Calculator


Who would have thought a calculator can be a spy gadget? Just imagine all the possibilities, you could eavesdrop on any conversations in your office and no one would ever suspect that they are being spied on.

It looks just like any other calculator out there and having a calculator on any desk is nothing extraordinary at all so you could just spy on anybody, even your boss! Relax, no one would notice.

This spy calculator has a built-in microphone and a receiver so you could just place the naughty little calculator where you want to and bring the receiver with you, plug in the earphones and laugh your heart out with all those forbidden information that you shouldn’t be listening to.

Also, it’s a real functioning calculator so no one would truly suspect that it’s there for one purpose only; to eavesdrop on conversations.

You can receive the reception from this spy calculator up to a 50-meter range depending on conditions. But be careful, not all conversations would make you giggle. You may just hear something that you wouldn’t like. Use this at your own risk.

The calculator uses 1 9v battery and an AG13 battery while the receiver uses 1 9v battery.

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