Sony Ericson F305 – For The Compulsive Gamer

Mobile phones of today have played a vital role in man’s everyday life. Aside from allowing communication from one mobile user to another at virtually anywhere, mobile phone manufacturers made it a little more special by making the gadget contain everything you need. Since entertainment is a best companion, the gaming applications in mobile phones have been stepped up to a bigger level of innovation.

Sony Ericson has created the perfect gaming mobile device to attend to the gamers at heart who are always on the go. The Sony Ericson F305 is a cellular phone that upon purchase has pre-loaded games that allows you to experience a PlayStation like gaming key function. It is equipped with a built-in accelerometer that plays a good role for motion controlled games. To better put you into the gaming mood, loud stereo speakers are located at the back and a 2 inch display support for 176×220 pixels and 262.144 colors. Getting overwhelmed with this gadget is a given scenario that’s why the battery power pack CCP-100 is used for that extra default battery energy. You can also battle against your friends through its Bluetooth with A2DP function.

Since the Sony Ericson F305 is a cell phone, other functions are still intact to it like the music player, FM radio with Track ID, an expandable memory, a 10mb internal memory, and it can be connected to the computer via USB. It is still very portable and comes in chic and sophisticated colors of white and black. Now, there’s a better way to beat that boredom away, through the Sony Ericson F305.

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  1. This sounds gr8! I just got my new Sony Ericsson W980 which is great! Massive storage of 8GB – no need for a fancy device which looks like it’s going to break any second. The sound quality is awesome!!

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