Sonic Alarm for you!

Have you been stressed this days because of too many problems in the office, or in your business, and oversleeping might arise? Are you afraid not to wake up early in the morning for that examination you are going to take in the university? Do you want to wake up on time and try to do everything synchronized with your organizer? Are you dozing in the office for that wonderful powernap but cannot get its full effects because you are afraid to oversleep? Then this Sonic Bomb Clock is for you!


This Sonic Bomb Clock can wake you up anytime of the day! It can alert you with the maximum decibel count of 113 decibels – louder than a jackhammer smash! This alarm clock has its power vibrator that you can keep under your bed and snooze you off from bed, anytime. This really would prevent you from oversleeping. Afraid to overdoze at the office? Bring it in and clip it under your chair and surely it can wake you up  anytime after a 15 minute power nap.


Sonic Bomb Clock

  • Includes: Clock, AC Adaptor, Bed Shaker Unit
  • Features:
    • Red Display
    • Two Brightness Settings
    • Snooze Button
    • Battery Backup (9V – not included)
    • Alarm Volume Control
    • Alarm Tone Control
    • 3 Alarm Settings (Buzz, Buzz/Bed Shake, Only Bed Shake)
  • Manufacturer Limited Warranty: 1 year

Grab one here now!

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