Solar Powered Plant pot: Mixing Growing and Glowing.

It is time to set your creative side free and spice up your Home/Garden environment with this stylish and inspiring Plant pot. Now you can give more colorful life to your exotic plants and create a magical luminous atmosphere with Solar Powered Plant pot.

Growing and Glowing has never been so harmonized before. This eco-friendly pot runs under Solar Power. When solar energy is stored in internal battery that powers several built-in LEDs of the Pot, entire pot begins to glow beautifully as night starts to fall in. You can choose only one color or beautiful kaleidoscope of various different colors.

You might think what if pot gets blocked by Sunlight. No worries, because the wires that connects solar cell to the Pot can be separated. You only have to charge it and then stick it back. The length of time the pot glows depends on Seasonal Sun. In summer sun, it holds back up to 6-8 hours and in winter, about 2-4 hours.

So if you are thinking of giving a new landscape to your garden, Solar Powered Plant Plot is your next horizon.

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