Solar Power on the Go !



Yes, let us face the fact that everything goes up. Price of gasoline and electricity, match it water and phone bills. So what can we do here in geekiegadgets? Yes we can try to promote energy saving or money saving gadgets.


Now i want you to see the soldius solar charger. Yes, solar, it uses the power from the sun. We all know that the energy from the sun is free so why not make use of it right? This soldius solar charger is pocket sized, so you can keep it inside your pocket. It supports any type of ipod player, and has available adaptors for more than 250 mobile phones around. Now this is really a wonder, you can now charge your gadgets anytime of the day, anywhere as long as there is sunlight guiding you.




Weight: 4 oz.

One year warranty

Includes: Soldius charger, USB cable, 

Available in White color

Connectors for iPhone and iPhone 3G available

Get it now

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