Solar light and water in a bottle!

Water and light are really essential for survival. Imagine having both benefits in a bottle? This Solar powered bottle can really enable you to carry both conveniently. It can hold upto 32 oz. of water and as well as 10 hours of LED light. Clean water for drinking and LED solar power light for emergency in a bottle – perfect for any outdoor camping person or just keep it in the driverseat for emergency situations.

The solar power unit is sealed and molded in from the top which means it is outside the water vessel so there’s no possibilty of electronic contents to mix with the pure drinking water you are carrying. The LED light changes to white light to red for night vision or turn it off completely through a handy waterproof switch on the cap.


Tip : You can use the red light on all night to know where the bottle is and switch it to whight bright light when neede d on emergency situations.


• Handy waterproof switch on the cap that lets you change from the white LED (bright), to red (preserves your night vision), or turn it off completely
• On a full charge (12 hours in direct sun) the white LED will last 8-10 hours and the red LED will last 16-18 hours
• 3″ wide mouth makes it easy to fill, mix things, clean and dry, and drink without hitting your nose
• Bottle is dishwasher safe, but cap requires light handwashing
• Uses two rechargeable AA Ni-Cad batteries (replaceable)
• Dimensions: 8.25″ tall and 3.75″ wide
• Weight: 10.8 oz

Grab the bottle here !

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