Solar Cell Tree Charger

Solar Cell tree charger

Solar Cell tree charger

This stuff can be called wierd or one of the best inventions i have seen. Its a stylish gadget which is known as  the Solar Cell Tree Charger which is invented by Vivian Muller. Ok these is for the ones who’s still confused after looking at the tree like gadget, it is basically a charger.

This tree cell charger uses 54 photovoltaic cells to power itselfs. This photovoltaic cell with the help of an internal battery stores energy in the day .so that you can connect your cellphones, cameras or whatever and charge them up.

The Solar Cell Tree chatger parts aare connected and can be  raotated infinitely cretaing a different tree for your favorite sunny spot at home. You can also try to rotate them and get more output if you find something charging slow.  This is he coolest gadget i have seen and also its a  prototype but going to hit the stores vey soon.

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