Solar briefcase recharges your phone on the go

solar briefcase
Reware released the Juice Bags ProFolio this week. The Juice Bag Profolio has all the functions and compartments that you would expect in a quality briefcase. But this briefcase is equipped with a revolutionary thin and flexible solar charging system that charges all your iPods, Cell Phones, GPS, Cameras, etc. It’s as easy as charging your phone in the car!

flexible solar panelThe Juice Bag Profolio uses a high efficiency, flexible and waterproof solar panel. The solar panel is 100 times thinner and lighter than the silicon solar cells. Using this new technology, a lot less material is needed to produce the same or even better energy conversion. This emerging technology is new in the consumer market due to the complexity of the process to produce this breakthrough solar panel.

With unique SolarSistem design for easy panel removal, the waterproof high efficiency flexible solar panel harnesses the sun’s energy during normal conditions but can easily be removed for cleaning. The heavy duty zippers and hardware with SuperStitch reinforced for strength and durability ensures longer useful life of the bag.

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