Slim LED Page light: Cool gizmo that helps to read in the dark

Still getting complains from your room mates for turning on the light whole night while you were reading a book? Now you can read your favorite book, a magazine or whatever that you like to read in the dark without disturbing anyone around.
Sounds like fun?

You will need a cool gizmo called Super Slim LED Page light and place it on the book or the page and start reading. It is portable, eye-friendly and just weigh around 210 g.  This is a possible because of 4 white LEDs that reflect the light within the lens and to the page. Now thats the good idea.

Quickly turn off the light, take out your favorite book or magazine, place a Super Slim LED page light on it and enjoy the pleasure of reading in the dark..

 Product Specifications:
·  Light up your book
·  Eye-friendly LED illumination
·  Thin, lightweight and portable
·  Light up by 4 bright white LEDs
·  Light adjustable switch
·  Light for 40 hours (approx.)
·  Powered by 4pcs AAA batteries (Not included)
·  Size: 235*180*15mm
·  Weight: 210g

·  Super Slim LED Page Light
·  Book holder

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