Singer XL 1000: Making your dreams come true

Are you the conservative designer type? The experimental artsy-fartsy chic? Or simply, do you want to treat your mother to a breathe of what the latest technology has to offer?

Then this small package could answer all your concerns. Introducing the Singer XL 100, this sewing machine is uncomplicated and easy to use. It is ideal for those who are interested to give sewing a shot but cant hardly compete with a thread and deedle. It is so easy, that you can’t even realize that you are already at it, once you have started to let the machine going.

Endowed with a striking needle art that previously could only be made by hand, this sewing machine is equipped with an  automatic computer controlled thread metering that delivers the precise amount of thread for each needle penetration to create the optimal appearance of each stitch.

Now you can make: Perfectly balanced straight stitches No pucker blind hemming Two color patterns without changing thread Decorative top-stitching and crosstiching that simulates hand sewing If you are a quilter you will love our adjustable running stitch or if you prefer the delicate look of heirloom sewing, ask to see our pin stitch, entredeux stitch, double-hem stitch or our large variety of cross-stitch patterns. This machine offers infinite possibilities.

Click on the image below and see for yourself why every sewer will want to own a Singer XL-1000.

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