Shock lighter


If you’re the type of person who likes playing tricks on friends and colleagues then this shock lighter is a great addition to your collection of tricks gizmos and gadget.

Play tricks with your friends with this safe yet electrifying shock lighter that would give a safe jolt of electricity as they press the top for lighting their cigarettes. This shock lighter is created just for fun. It looks like a real lighter but it’s really a prank lighter that would make everybody burst in laughter every time you find another victim to play prank with.

[amtap amazon:asin=B000GKW81I]This is a great prank toy against bullies too! Give them a dose of their own medicine by teaching them that you’re not one to mess around with. If they meddle with your stuff and uses them without your consent, having a shock lighter would warn them not to mess with your stuff or else they’d get an unexpected surprise.

Don’t worry, this is completely safe and will not cause any burns or injuries. It just makes a small spark that is enough to shock a person just for fun. Recommend this to your friends too! Spread the laughter with good ol’ tricks!

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