Security camera detector

Thinking that you are being followed? That somebody else’s eyes is set on your every move and action? And because of that you can’t move quite freely and you feel uneasy with all the paranoia filling in your mind.

Fret no more.

Technology is getting even more better thus they are now including the idea of “peace of mind in the palm of your hands” concept through this wonderful breakthrough of a new hidden camera detector.

This is so tiny and portable that you could take it everywhere. It emits audible alarm sounds and flickers its LED light once a wireless camera is detected in your vicinity.

Advanced circuitry reduces false alarms from background interference and a sensitive tuner allows you to automatically scan variable distances and channels. The unit detects frequencies from 50MHz to 3GHz.

It is as portable wih a size comparable to that of the lighter. It also boasts of an auto sensitivity tuner, multi-channel scanning, and background noise elimination.

This handy solution to all your paranoia problems is powered by 2 CR2032 lithium batteries which is included in the package and you could only purchase this here

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