Say no to gas and help keep Mother Earth clean


With gas prices rising up almost every other week, it’s so hard to open up your wallet and grab your cash to pay your dreaded bill. If I could take my bike to work I probably would, unfortunately I can’t or else I’d be squashed by huge trucks and fast cars.

I discovered the NmG or No more Gas electric vehicle a few days ago while I was browsing the net for an alternative medium of transportation. Don’t be fooled by its size, this car has already been dubbed as the SUV of motorcycles and it packs quite a lot of benefits for a three-wheeled automobile. It uses a lithium battery system that can last about 1500 charge and discharge cycles, which is already equal to six lead acid batteries and it can reach to about 40+ miles on highway driving.

The NmG can take you anywhere in a shorter amount of time as you can use the car pool lanes, park in motorcycle parking or anywhere that’s too small for a normal sized sedan and have first-on and first-off ferry privileges.

Priced at $29,995 each, the NmG will have you snickering past high-priced gasoline stations while you help keep save our planet and keep our dear old Mother Earth happy.

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