Samsung introduces card-like USB

Things are really changing.

A few days back, we were introduced to the possibility that our train tickets would become like that of a USB flash disk and now we are offered by a card-like USB.

Samsung pioneered the release of this 120GB USB HDD in China.

It is far more portable with the vital stats of 1.8″ 4,200-rpm USB drive compared to the most popular drives use the 2.5″ size format.

This could actually pass as a credit card. In fact, you can actually carry this inside your wallet, and mistakenly give it out when you’re shopping.

Moreover, it is also energy saving since it only consumes 300mA from a 500mA USB port and uses just 1.4W to run.

Some tech experts see that the conventional USB drives are likely to get obsolete once this handy memory card (quite, literally) penetrate our market.

Expect the Samsung 1.8″ 40GB version to be priced for approx 1099 RMB ($161); 60GB for 1299 RMB ($191); and 80GB for 1599 RMB ($235). The 120GB will obviously be priced at the higher price bracket of 1999 RMB ($293).

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