Rubik Cube Mp3 Player – Solve and listen

Rubik Cube Mp3 Player
My son is celebrating his 10th birthday in a couple of weeks. His birthday wish is to have mp3 player. He was always reminding me that he really wanted a player so that he can listen to the Beatles (his favorite band by the way). And since I would like to make my son happy, I decided to surf the Internet and look for a perfect mp3 player that is cheap and with simple functions for a kid like him. After some hours of browsing, I was so shocked to have found one of the weirdest, if not, the weirdest mp3 player there is.

Its called Rubik Cube Mp3 Player! The idea behind this weird looking gadget by Hee Yong from Korea is simple yet complicated. This a mp3 player which is in the form of the famous mind game Rubik’s cube. Though there are a lot of different and weird looking mp3 players available in the market, what makes this mp3 player stands out is how it functions. In order to operate the player, you have to solve or I mean complete the colors of every layer in the Rubik’s cube. By solving each layer, you’ll be able to make the player play, stop, forward or pause. However, to be able to turn off this mind-blowing, and I say that literally and figuratively, you have to make sure that every layer of the Rubik’s cube is solved. So you can now enjoy listening to your favorite music while figuring out how to close the player. Sounds fun?

This is definitely not a cool gift for my kid, but what a challenging way to play your favorite music right?

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