Flip on over to the dry side

I love the rainy season. Not the typhoon kind but those drizzles that make the flowers all sparkly and bright. After a light rain shower, I usually take a walk out and enjoy dewdrops on the grass. Only problem is, I always have a hard time finding a dry place to sit on.

Fortunately, a bunch of Korean designers have come up with The Rolling Bench. From the name itself you guessed what this can do. After the rain, you simply turn the lever found on the side and you’ll soon find yourself happily sitting on the dry side of the bench. Amazing!

I do have a few questions boggling my mind. First, if the rain is a bit on the heavy side like a typhoon, will the underside get wet? I saw ridges on the bench and I hope those will prevent water from dripping below therefore still keeping it safe and dry. Second, there is a brake on this thing right? I’d hate to see myself or someone slide down all of a sudden and break their back. Nonetheless, despite my silly questions, it’s a brilliant design.

Let’s just hope a punk kid won’t come running your way and crank that lever and you’ll end up flat on your butt.

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