ROBONOVA-1 Humanoid Robot

The Robonova-1 Robot is a humanoid robot that can be used by educators, students, and robot hobbyist. This robot has the capability of running, walking, flipping, doing cartwheels, and much more. It can be programmed to compete in Class “J” competitions or to be used as an educational device. Available in two ways, it can be purchased as a kit so that you can build it yourself, or pre-assembled and ready to dance for instantaneous play.

Robonova-1 stands 12” high, and is controlled with 16 powerful HSR-8498 HB digital servos built specifically for the Robonova-1 by Hitec. Other specifications include, a Karbonite gear train, over-voltage current protection, and “setpin” appendages for easy assembly. The technology of Robonova-1 is considered “feedback” which enables simple programming by most ages.

Completely customizable, the Robonova-1 can be used with optional devices such as, speech synthesis modules, R/C transmitters and receivers, and Bluetooth. It contains a flexible and sophisticated interface that makes the Robonova-1 a robot lovers dream.

The battery is a rechargeable 5 cell environmentally friendly NiMH. It will allow the user up to 1 hour of operational time. There is an option to upgrade to a 7.4 volt 2 cell Lithium Polymer battery used with a 6 volt regulator, this can extend the operation time by two hours or more. It does include D/C to D/C charger features that protect the circuit preventing battery charging problems.

Robonova-1 is a must for all true robot enthusiasts.

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