Revolutionize Flight with the Exceed RC Blazing Star

exceed blazing star helicopter
If you are looking for a ready to fly product, then the Exceed RC Blazing Star is what you have been waiting for. This toy helicopter boasts of several features which are worthy of being mentioned to any enthusiast because they are all commendable. The Exceed-RC Blazing Star has two main and one freewheeling rotor which does not affect the flight of the helicopter. This wonderfully crafted toy is very extraordinary, since it can respond more in windy conditions. Most of the helicopters out in the market fail to fly properly during slightly windy or cloudy days, but the Exceed-RC Blazing Star works otherwise.
The whole machine model is fully designed in such a way that every feature embedded in it would be maximized. The main rotor unit, for example, provides utmost control for the whole unit. The Exceed-RC Blazing Star has a four-channel transmitter and a battery made with lithium-polymer. You may charge your unit anytime you wish for if it runs on low battery power. The battery meter display makes it more convenient to the user to check on the level of power remaining so the unit will be recharged in no time.
If you want to add up a new toy in your collection or if ever you are a first-timer collector of battery-operated toys, then the Exceed RC Blazing Star is just the thing for you. This toy will be great when it comes to professionals, but beginners will also enjoy learning to fly these toys.
The Exceed-RC Blazing Star is a true Ready-to-Fly (RTF) product. Everything you need is included. To begin, you just got to get the battery charging right away.
The Exceed-RC Blazing Star has two sets of main rotors and a freewheeling tail rotor that does not affect flight. The contra-rotating main rotors eliminate the need for tail rotor compensation because they move in opposite directions, canceling each other’s rotational torque . In addition, the dual blade setup provides more gyroscopic stability. In plain English: you look much better on the stick than you thought you would.
On close inspection of the main rotor unit, you will notice that the lower rotor provides cyclic control for the ship. To yaw the helicopter (left and right), one of the main rotors either slows down or speeds up to create an imbalance in torque. This results in the Exceed-RC Blazing Star turning in the direction opposite to the rotation of the faster moving rotor.
It has the rate adjustment and gyro adjustment pots right on the side of the ship, allowing you to make the Exceed-RC Blazing Star more responsive in slightly windy conditions. It also lets more experienced pilots tune the ship to their liking. The Exceed-RC Blazing Star ships with the rate and gyro pots at the low setting for maximum stability on initial flights. Keep in mind the aim of the  Exceed-RC Blazing Star an entertaining R/C helicopter that allows beginners to get into the hobby inexpensively and experienced pilots to add a “leisure” ship to their stable at an extremely reasonable price.
The Exceed-RC Blazing Star comes with a 4-channel, 72mHz transmitter, 7.4V 1250mAh lithium-polymer battery pack, charger. The transmitter has two features worthy of note. On the front there is a color battery meter which makes it easy to tell when it is time to replace the alkaline batteries. On the back, there are open dip switches for non-standard helicopter flyers to alter the configuration of the radio to a style they are accustomed to using. Optional Li- poly battery will help to achieve better performance and longer flight time.

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