REEM-B the new kid in the block

Pal Technology Robotics, unveiled REEM-B, the new humanoid robot. At the Reem Island in Abu Dhabi in the presence of crowned prince, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the 1.47 meter tall robot was presented last June 11, 2008.

REEM-B is able to grasp objects, walk dynamically, navigate within buildings, accept voice commands and recognize faces. The 60kg robot’s customized hardware and software development makes it a truly autonomous, self-contained service robot, able to communicate with humans and perform a number of unique and sophisticated tasks.

Reem B is able to carry up to 25% of its weight, making it the world’s strongest humanoid robot. “Reem B is equipped with an infrared laser on its feet, allowing it to find its way and generate autonomously a map of its environment onto a computer screen which guests are able to witness in real time.” said Mr Faconti.

Mr Basar Shueb, General Manager of Pal Technology said: “Pal Technology’s ultimate goal is to create a truly useful humanoid service robot that will be able to help humans in the future with sophisticated tasks. Reem B is clearly aligned with this vision, not only representing the next generation of humanoid robotics, but a robot designed to assist people and not replace them”.

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