Rearview Sunglasses

A cyclist friend of mine has given me a gift before I joined my first cycling tournament and it totally blew my mind away. It was one of the most fascinating things that I have ever seen in my life. Do you want to know what he gave me? It’s called a Deluxe Rearview Spy Glasses .

Deluxe Rearview Spy Glasses

At first glance you’ll find nothing different between this product and other sunglasses available in the market. So one morning I tried to use the trivial looking sunglasses while doing my training around the neighborhood. The moment I went out of our house, I was shocked to what I have seen. It turns out that the product has a small mirrored strip attached on the outside edge of each lens. This mirror can see what is going on the back. It somewhat has the same function as the rear view mirror of your car. So you cannot only see the front view but you can also see everything that is happening at your back. It’s like you have two eyes at the back of your head! Sounds cool right? This gadget is not only for cyclists and athletes who use this gadget during competition. Moreover, it can also be used by normal people who want to secure themselves from suspicious looking people following them. What’s more exciting about this spy gadget is that it has a high quality metal frame that provides a hip style making you look edgy and suave. Truly an amazing work!

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