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Don’t you just hate those annoying nosy people who love to spy on evrything that you do? That Weird Guy from the cubicle a few feet away from you who keeps passing by your table and giving you quick glances and noticeable clicks on his miniscule spy cam (you should report him to your boss though).

How in the world can you write your love letter to the beautiful brunette, Amanda, whom you’ve been crushing on for months, if that Weird Guy keeps on breathing down your neck and collecting those scratch papers that you toss on your waste basket?

Fret no more lover boy. The Disappearing Ink Pen Kit is here to free you from your woes. It writes like any normal fine point ballpen but all traces of what you wrote will disappear after a certain amount of time. It comes in three designs: one will last for a couple of hours, one for two days and one for a whole week.

NO more shredders and no more worrying about Weird Guy. With the Disappearing Ink Pen Kit, your letter to Amanda will finally be given. Unless you wimp out and decide to become another shadow in her life.

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  1. Good Day,
    I think that the disappearing ink pen kit is great ,can you tell me how can i get it from the company that sell wholesale

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