Preparing Meals with a Hammacher Schlemmer Roaster

Hammacher Schlemmer Roaster

Hammacher Schlemmer, a known maker of quality kitchen tools and appliances, has an innovation that could topple off any other devices present in the market today because of its added efficiency. Presenting the Hammacher Schlemmer Roaster.

Actually this device is not just a roaster alone. This cooking vessel will also allow you to grill, smoke and roast in just one unit, which gives you less hassle when it comes to preparing your meals. You no longer have to worry about preparing different contraptions for different ways of cooking. If you want to grill, smoke and roast, you just have to do it all in one sitting, with this brilliant creation by Hammacher Schlemmer.

This machine is made up of three parts consisting of a coal basket, a cooking chamber and the lid. The cooking capacity of this machine is also amazing. It can cook about six whole chickens simultaneously. This saves you time and worry in setting up for another machine whenever you decide on how to prepare your meals.

The creation also uses a water pan which is coated with porcelain. This can function as a container for liquids such as broth which can be used to add moisture to the meat while it cooks. The cooking chamber can also accommodate different types of meat and vegetables to be processed. The whole contraption is also easy to carry anywhere. Whether you are planning to go to the beach or elsewhere, taking the roaster as a companion is a cinch.

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