PowerSource Mini: A USB Portable Battery Charger for your Gadgets

Have you ever experience big dilemma when your cell phones or your PMP runs out of power in the middle of some road when you are traveling? You start to wish if you had some sort of portable charger with you. Stop wishing and start working with New Duracell PowerSource Mini USB Pocket-Sized Portable Battery Charger.

The integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery in this Portable Battery Charger makes it possible to power up gadgets like your cell phone, iPods, PMP, PSP and anything that comes with USB power connector. It features 2 USB outputs, one with mini pivot that you can connect it directly to Next Generation Mobile Phone; Blackberry and second one let you connect two devices at the same time and charge them fully. You can recharge PowerSource from your home like any other normal rechargeable batteries. Moreover an additional feature that makes it more effective is it includes USB port which is attached each AC adapter and DC charger so you can recharge the computers and laptops as well.

This is definitely reckoning a must owned portable device for anyone who owns gadgetry items like PSP, PMP, DC or even just a cell phone and especially for someone who is traveling as PowerSource will make your traveling full of entertainment and full of buzz.

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