Portable Washer

portable washer
I am an independent man who works day and night 6 days a week. I have to ensure that my job pays the rent and I can make ends meet. More importantly I have to ensure a saving for a family that I might build in the future. Anyway, due to my busy schedule I don’t have the time to wash all my clothes and sometimes I get lazy to go to a laundry stores. I really wanted to solve this issue. I asked a lot of my friends about this problem that I am having. They told me that I should work my ass to wash my clothes by myself. Good thing, another friend of mine has suggested that I should purchase a washing machine. Although the idea was trivial, I had no choice but to surf the Internet and look for a washer that is suitable for me and to the kind of work that I have.

After browsing the Internet, I was able to find this cool product. Its called Wonder Washer. A consumer gadget that is fit to my hectic life. What’s amazing about this wonder washer is it can wash 5-lb load in just a couple of minutes. It has a patented pressure system that enables the detergent to targets all the dirt in your clothes. This allows a fast, efficient and easy wash for your very hectic life. What’s more cool about this product is it’s cheapness. You can purchase this for only $ 42.95. And since its not bulky, you can actually bring this with you specially when you are in a camping! Plus you can save a lot of water making it environmental friendly. It’s truly a great product that I will definitely purchase.

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