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cybook gen 3

We are proud to announce the coming of this latest invention. It is more popularly known as the E-book. This simple yet novel product allows you to do sway with paper to make books. Modern technology now allows us to virtually put many books in our pockets which you can carry around even while you play. How’s that for comfort?The Cybook Gen 3 is a specifically designed electronic reader. The new display technology makes reading from a display as comfortable as reading a normal book, or even better. It requires no backlight to read, and allows you even to read anywhere. Its screen resolution is an impressive 800×600 that fits an entire page on the screen. It also plays music with its 2.5 stereo mini jack, and can play MP3 files, with a built-in USB port and SD slot. It has a 2 GB memory which is just like carrying an entire library in your pocket. It also has a free 64 MB of internal memory. Its battery can last up to 8000 pages.

Now, don’t you feel more comfortable reading thousands of words with this lightweight gadget? You can now go to your school or office without the hassle of carrying countless books inches thick and with heavy covers. Every page you read on your Cybook, you will really feel as if you are reading from a real paper, even more comfortably.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, buy this library… I mean, the Cybook Gen3.

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