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Measuring less than 10mm x 10mm x 1.4 mm, Interlink Electronics made a mark in the history for producing the world’s smallest OEM mouse.

Interlink Vice President said that this mouse will be used in next-generation cellular devices, wireless e-mail devices, PDAs, tablet PCs, GPs systemsand digital cameras.

Baptized as MicroNav, this is available in three standard configurations, Sensor-On-Board, Chip-And-Sensor and Drop-In-Module with mouse click buttons, supports solder re-flow and pick and place methods for high volume consumer electronics manufacturing.

“The ongoing wireless revolution will soon see cellular and consumer electronics industry leaders integrating Internet browsing, online gaming and a host of other new features into their next generation devices,” says Rod Vesling, Vice President of MicroNav manufacturer  Interlink Electronics, Inc.

According to the Cellular Telecommunication Association, 1.26 billion wireless phones will be in service by 2005 and 94% of these users will be connected to the Internet.

But merely being connected won’t guarantee that subscribers will actively use cell phone Web browsing services.

Adoption will largely depend upon the quality of the ‘mouse’ navigation provided on the device.  Unlike traditional cell phone functions, Web browsing, gaming and image editing require cursor control functionality that goes beyond the capabilities of directional arrow keys.  MicroNav, with its reduced form factor and 360° ‘mouse’ control, is perfectly designed for this type and class of application.

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