Paper Airplane Launcher for Christmas

Electric Paper Plane Launcher is perfect gift for children this yuletide season.

Ofcourse, your children might be busy making their favorite paper planes and make fun of it. I know they really enjoy throwing it to the sky. But they may be stressed up of flying those paper planes. Now you may avoid their stress and enable them to play more in a day.

As we can remember we also make this silly thing when we were in grade school, with those boring classes and naughty recess time. Stressful to your arms, right?

Now this device will end those stress because it works with two spinning motors and plastic discs. The machine is comparable to a Matchbox car launcher that kids played mostly. It also had two spinning plastic discs that would clutch the car in order to launch it down at track at a very fast speed.

All you need to do is attach the paper plane among these fast-rotating disks, and it could fly and speed up to30 mph! It’s enough to really stay in the air. But be aware that your child must be guided with this.

Need a gift like this? Come and bid here.

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