OLED Ultra-Thin Televison & Monitor by Sony

We have all seen how thin LED, LCD, and plasma monitors and televisions have gotten, but wait till you see what Sony has introduced. The new OLED (organic light-emitting diode) ultra thin monitor, it has better contrast, picture quality, and is only 0.01 inches thick. It now holds the title “world’s thinnest television”.

The OLED panel has a resolution of 960 x 540; it is energy efficient and shows fast-moving images with crisp colorful quality. It is the new wave of thin monitors, in a plasma and LCD market that is valued over $82 billion dollars it has to be good to compete.

The challenge with the OLED is the size; the larger panels have proven to be more difficult to create. In today’s society we have plasma TVs as large as 103 square inches, and LCD TVs 40-50 inches. Size matters in our community and all though the OLED is better it currently isn’t bigger. Sony is confident that they will be able to make them larger in the future that the OLED will take over as the leading monitor for just about everything.

Currently the cost is around $1600 to $2000 for an 11 inch panel. It has the life span of about 30,000 hours, which is only about half of an LCD TV, but is enough for about 8 hours a day for ten years. Sonny predicts 2,000 unit sales per month, which is nothing compared to their 10 million unit production of LCD TVs.

The possibilities that an ultra thin monitor like the OLED has are not being overlooked. The medical field, the military and even large businesses have found very practical and necessary uses for this innovation. It can create space like the other thin monitors but is easier to conceal. OLED may replace plasma and LCD in the future, with its eco-friendlyness if Sony can overcome the challenges.

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