Oakley Thumb MP3 Sunglasses

Oakley Mp3 Sunglasses

Oakley Mp3 Sunglasses

Oakley has introduced a new  sunglasses which has built – in Mp3 player.  With this MP3 sunglasses you can hear music and at the same time can protect your eyes from the  harmfull rays of the sun.  The Oakley Mp3 Sunglasses comes in 2 capacities 128 MB and  256 MB . The 256 Mp3 sunglasses comes in 4 colors and cost $495 while the 128 MB  come s for $395 and has 3 colors.

The Oakley MP3 Sunglasses uses an USb 2.0 in oder to transfer the files in to the sunglasses and charges the sunglasses while it is connected to the Usb port . This device has got a battery life of Six hours.  The sound quality of this device is excellent. The controlling of the MP3 player is also easy as it has only 3 buttons. The right side of the thumb has 3 butttons and the left side has 2 buttons, one  for the volume increase and decrease.

Things you have to see when buying thsi product :

  • A CD – ROM
  • A brief Manual
  • A USB 2.0 cable
  • and a carrying pouch.

You can also buy the product by bargaining from Bid4rares.com

[amtap amazon:asin=B0013GJWZE]

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