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How is it to have a transparent phone? Transparent look yet the chips are still hidden. This transparent thing is limy in color and has a sleek look. It is called TRRAM (Transparent Resistive Random Access Memory), and is pretty well fully translucent, while working just like normal non-transparent chips. It is comparable to common CMOS chips in functionality, so it can be simply used in building a variety of devices like cell phones.

A Korean researcher Jung Won Seo, stated: “It is a new milestone of transparent electronic systems. By integrating TRRAM device with other transparent electronic components, we can create a total see-through embedded electronic system.”

This improvement can really renovate the world of contemporary devices and gadgets. With crystal clear chips it will be potential to apply electronic hardware into the windshield of a car; it can also be used for sunglasses or fashionable transparent cell phones. It really widens the area of application in which electronic devices can be applied, in which it makes many theories give the impression of being much nearer to the actual life. Flexible screens, see-through chips – all these enhancements are producing more flexible and easy to use electronics.

Though the transparent chips are so useful and so appealing it still have some disadvantages to be considered. Let us wait and see for the TTRAM, it should appear sooner.

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