Nintendo Wii – A Gaming Revolution


Ever felt the urge to really go into your TV or desktop in order to really feel inside the game instead of pushing a few buttons almost randomly? Nintendo Wii, previously planned to be named as Nintendo Revolution, has brought a whole new level to the gaming world. To know more why Nintendo Wii is named Wii instead of Revolution, be sure to read this super short article on Wii history.Nintendo Wii is a small white console which is an absolute addition to any family TV set. The remote (Wiimote) is designed with added sensors to detect motion. So, instead of using buttons to make sure your game character hit the tennis ball, you just have to use your hand motion imitating as if you are playing real tennis! Up to four Wii remotes can be used to communicate with Wii, which means, you can play multiplayer games up to 4 people at once. This is a great family game that no family would ever want to miss.[amtap amazon:asin=B0009VXBAQ]Besides all those fun stuff, you can also play Nintendo GameCube games on your Nintendo Wii! So, if you buy a Wii, it will mean that you also get a “free” GameCube! Isn’t that awesome?

You can either choose to buy this console for yourself, or get one for free! Want to get a free wii?

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